"I experienced an EPIPHANY after reading this
wonderful, wonderful book!"

I have been a user of alternative medicine and self-healing principles and modalities for years, even selling Aerobic Oxygen® back in the 70’s.  When I came across the website of The One-Minute Cure, I suspected that this ‘secret to healing virtually all diseases’ was probably oxygen or an alkaline pH, but the answer was so well hidden that curiosity made me order the book.  I am SO THANKFUL I did!

Back in 1986, I already used the natural oxygenating substance that the book talks about …and it didn’t work!  It turns out that, yes, it does work…but at that time, I only had HALF the information!  This book gave me that missing knowledge and so much more.

Although my life is usually quite peaceful and calm, I would erupt like a volcano every time I even heard the words, “cancer society” or “pharmaceutical companies” or “federal regulations” -- all of which, in my opinion, represent the suppression (and even outlawing) of simple easy cures for cancer and other illnesses.  Every time I would watch a commercial advertising a prescription drug, and hear the long list of side effects, another rage would boil inside me.  “The doctor is supposed to tell US, which drug to take, we’re not supposed to ‘ask our doctor’ to prescribe a drug to us!”  I’m convinced that those commercials are designed to subliminally program the public to be dependent on both doctors AND drugs.

After I finished reading the book, I sat contemplating the amazing wisdom contained in the book, as well as the skill of the author in writing it.  Then, I had an epiphany!  I suddenly understood the severe toll that stress was putting in my body because of my built-up anger for the pharmaceutical industry and mainstream medicine, but most importantly, I realized that with this book, I already HAVE the cure for “everything!”

Thank you, Madison Cavanaugh, for being the catalyst that made me recognize the demon in my life called stress, and for enabling me to release it.  Thank you for helping me take another step forward in consciousness.  I’ve been spreading the word to everyone and telling them that
The One-Minute Cure is a necessary addition to their health library.  It's a wonderful, wonderful book that will help people ‘wake up’ in many ways.” -- Libby Lervik, Port Hardy, British Columbia




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