How can a single substance have such a far-reaching and broad spectrum effectiveness in curing diseases?

     If you're like most people, the question, ‘How could anything so simple actually be the answer to all our complex health problems?’ has most likely entered your mind.  To answer that question, here's an excerpt from The One-Minute Cure:

     "Simple concepts are often the most powerful ones -- and yet usually the most ignored.  This is particularly true in the health care field.  Over the last seven centuries, we as a society have been programmed to regard the curing or healing of disease as a perplexing and complicated science that is best left in the hands of medical practitioners.  As a result, we’ve come to rely almost exclusively on the information that is dispensed to us by doctors and health care providers who are themselves usually uninformed about alternative healing options that may be better for treating diseases than the standard medical treatments consisting of drugs, surgery, radiation or other therapies.

     "At present, there exists a confusing array of so-called ‘best practices’ for every part of the anatomy, all tainted with bias to one degree or another.  This has made the curing of diseases seem like a complex and mysterious science with its own language that is beyond the understanding of the non-medical population – like the scriptural Tower of Babel that brought about a confusion of tongues.

     "What complicates the matter is that the field of medicine has given rise to a slew of organ-based specializations such as neurology, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, etc. – as well as disease-based specializations such as oncology (for cancer), gerontology (for diseases of the aging) that each have their respective modes of treatment and therapy.

     "The field of medicine, with its compartmentalized theories about what causes disease and how to eradicate it from the human body, actually perceives only a small snapshot of the larger picture, a localized subset of the larger workings of the human body.  The ineffective medical system is focused on illness rather than wellness, promotes expensive (i.e., profit-driven), invasive and potentially dangerous (or even deadly) medical procedures, drugs or treatments rather than simple, natural, inexpensive, effective treatments or therapies that have no side effects."

     The path to true healing doesn't have to be complicated.   All one needs to do is to take a closer look at the core of human existence.  The human body is composed of 70%-80% water -- and water is 89% oxygen by weight.  Therefore, oxygen comprises 62% to 71% of the body, and is the body’s most abundant and essential element.

     Ninety (90%) percent of all our biological energy comes from oxygen.  It is the essential element that the human body needs in order to not only survive, but also have optimum levels of energy, function properly and become more productive.  Consider, for instance, that humans can survive for weeks and even months without food, and live for many days without water.  But we cannot survive more than a few minutes without oxygen.

     It stands to reason, therefore, that the very element which is required by all humans in order to live is also the secret to keeping us disease-free
There is a mountain of evidence amassed over the last 170 years and reported in over 6,100 articles in scientific literature that attest to this healing truth.  (See pp. 8-12 of The One-Minute Cure for complete discussion.)



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